why you must work with me

My workflow is transparent and goes in few steps.

I can design completely from beginning to end:

  • — prototyping
  • — visual design
  • — writing texts
  • — illustration

Complex projects demand especially way. I conduct research on competitors and your users, write user stories, interaction scenarios and develop detailed prototypes.

my projects

«i want to eat!»

I created the mobile app for
selecting of a recipe for a dinner
and ordering ingredients for that.

«senheiser website»

The market for a famous earbuds
company in the world.
Minimalism in details.

«nikki — the personal assistant»

The complicated project for
solving simple problems.
in everyday routine.

presentation   〰   i want to eat!

more than just food.


How many times did you ask yourself "What should I cook today?" This's really a problem because this is time-consuming: to choose a recipe, go to a grocery, buy ingredients, cook dinner.


My solution lets you save time (≈ 2—3 hours at every day). In the basic the idea of minimalism which fits the essence of app and creates the feeling of simplicity of usage.

color & typography

I used two primary colors in the app — white for the background and clear black. This choice allowed creating the design which makes the visual hierarchy in typography more important for user comprehending.


Only three steps of ordering and then your dinner will deliver straight to your home.

a few more screens

Consistent stylistic. Simplicity. Minimalism.

That's it.

presentation   〰    senheiser website

no life without music


Create the new website for the famous company with old stylistic and modern look.


The new website became more modern and got the new multilevel navigation for more simpler moving across the website.


I was redesign navigation and make it more simple. Also, the website has filters for users which help to navigate across rich assortment products of the company.

product details

Each page of a product is a landing with detail description and big photos. If you saw it — you will buy it.

That's it.

presentation   〰    nikki — the personal assistant


Our everyday routine takes more time day by day. And it's so boring.


Nikki is an intelligent assistant which help make many tasks more easy and funny.

color palette


Nikki knows how to check your email, remind about an important meeting or just turn a music on for your mood. Or maybe you want just talking about something?


For cognitive decline of users was created cards system. A card is a mini-app which can include interactive elements and important information for a long time.

knowledge about a user

A user at any time can see that Nikki knows about him just swipe to right.

That's it.


contact with me

location   〰    Estonia, Tallinn / Narva

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